Saturday, September 02, 2006

A Pathetic Display of Spite.

It shouldn't come as a suprise that nut-case rightwing Christians have started turning on people they should be supporting, but when they do it so unpleasantly. it really takes my breath away. The two Fox journalists who were captured and forced to convert to Islam under god-knows what kind of threats, have been condemned by a fellow journalist called David Warren. This evil little weasel says that they are unforgivable cowards for not allowing themselves to be murdered.

I wonder what goes through the obviously timy minds of people like Warren. Clearly he thinks that death is better than life, or he would applaud the captured men for convincing their captors that they had indeed converted. He clearly thinks death is better than life, as he gives an example of some Italians who were captured, one tearing his hood off before being shot, and comparing him favourable with those who begged for their lives.

I like to think that I would beg for my life in those circumstances, I would want to see my wife, children, family and friends again, and I like to think they would rather see me alive than dead. As my dad used to tell me when I didn't want to wear a high visibilty stripe to cycle to school, 'There's no point being a cool corpse', and frankly if staying alive means eating humble pie, and pretending to believe something I don't for a couple of days, then I'm all for it. I'm also all for courage, and those who place their lives in danger to accomplish real benefits for others are deserving of the highest praise, but there is no benefit or glory in dying for the sake of it.

Trouble is, with people like David Warren, they love the little baby Jesus far more than anyone who is actually alive now. Maybe the little baby Jesus doesn't argue with him, and point out his mistakes like real people can. Imaginary friends always were better for children and the feeble-minded.

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